About OnePlan

OnePlan uses the latest cutting edge technology for person centred care

Clean, Clear, Crisp design helping you navigate through the OnePlan system.

OnePlan is a simple but comprehensive software system designed to eliminate the endless paperwork required to operate your business successfully.

It is a person centred, user friendly, interactive system that can be run and managed by any member of staff with any level of digital knowledge or experience.

Training however is always provided as part of our set up package, both online and at your office to ensure all users feel confident working independently from the onset.

Some Of Our Key Features

Staff Rostering

With a single click of the mouse button you can build your rota's for one or two weeks for thousands of staff and clients. You can even automate this process allowing the system to automatically build your rotas every two weeks saving thousands of hours work

Medication Plans (MAR Charts)

Our system will track medication perscribed to a client. It will inform staff when and how to administer the medication. This information is then saved and a report is created to show a complete history of how the medication plan is going


Our NFC technology allows staff to clock in and out of appointments giving you more accurate clocking in and out times. The system can then identify potential areas where clients may require more or less care hours and point out potential issues with staff.


We have designed a series of reports to help you manage and improve your business. We have staff and client reports, wage report, invoice reports, mileage reports, rota reports and many more reports are being developed all of the time.

Client Management

Our client management area gives you full access to client details. You can manage client incident reports, client holidays, create full risk assessments and control the client care plans. Our unique rota system is built with a client first approach meaning you will never miss a client call ever again

Staff Tracking

Our free tracking service allows you to track staff on an individual and company wide basis. A simple map shows you the clients current location within the last 2 minutes and will also show you the last 10 minutes of tracking. This system is completely free and comes as standard with our software.

We Have Many More Features

Read more on our features page

Our Mobiles & Tablets

We only use the latest technology when selecting the equipment we provide to you. All the mobile handsets come to you fully programmed and ready to go.
The Tablets we use are available in either Wi-Fi or 3G Data enabled options and we demonstrate how to integrate these with our mobile and software solution easily.

Have We Convinced You?

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