A Smooth Finish to Fundraising Week


Following a week of fundraising for Bone Cancer Research Trusts Bake Off, for which OnePlans Sue (Director) won the first ever Star Baker, the OnePlan team got together to finish off the week in style.

Chris, Dennis, Nathan and Rick bravely agreed to take part in a sponsored leg wax in a final push to raise funds and awareness for Bone Cancer Research Trust.

All four managed to stick it out to the end, taking the Adam Panther Tribute Fund to a total of £15,212.50 to finish the week. 

Over the years Sue, Chris and the OnePlan team have done Charity events, raffles, sponsored walks and cake sales and would appreciate any help you can give all of us with any events or donations as we continue in our mission to raise vital funds and awareness.

Keep an eye out for their next fundraiser!

Adam Panther was the much loved son of Chris and Sue Newsome, and brother of Nathan, who sadly passed away after a brave battle with bone cancer. You can read more about his inspiring story here: 

To date over £15,000 has been raised in memory of Adam. OnePlan are proud to support Bone Cancer Research Trust raising vital funds and awareness. Funding is essential for research and treatment trials as unfortunately, as a rare form of cancer, Bone Cancer lacks the investment needed to find better treatments and prevent other families going through this.

You can text BCRTADAP to 70800 to Donate £5 to Bone Cancer Research Trust.

You can visit our fundraising page to donate and see our progress at:

Give us a call

0800 612 7166


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