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As the New Year approaches it is time to look at your marketing strategy and start planning for 2020! If you would like to grow your business in 2020, check out our latest guide to help you market your business…

We have previously covered getting your business visible online and marketing your agency offline in our previous blogs:

Marketing Your Care Agency- Choosing a Budget and Finding Clients Offline 

In this blog we are going to talk about using paid advertising to take your marketing strategy to the next level online. Once you have ensured you have your website, social media and my business listings sorted, you can start to take advantage of the millions of people browsing the internet and using social media in your target area. 

4.2 million people over the age of 65 have never used the internet, and around 61% of people 75+ do not regularly use the internet. Therefore, online is probably not the best place to advertise to older people looking to arrange their own care. It is however, a great place to advertise to their adult children, who may be looking to arrange care in their behalf. As we have mentioned before, these people probably use google to look for local services, and may have social media accounts such as Facebook.

Both Facebook and Google offer advertising options to help you show your company information to these people. A lot of these options help you put adverts together step by step, so you don’t need to be an expert to use them!


1   First of all, decide your goal for your advert. These could be increasing traffic to your website, increasing awareness or generating new leads. Then head to and choose your objective. Increasing awareness is a good one to start with for beginners.

Next, choose your target audience and budget.

Your audience could be:
·     Excluded: People who already like YOUR PAGE
·     Age: 35- 60

If you’re not sure about your audience, it could be helpful to look at past enquiries and clients to see what age range the fall into and any other factors or interests they have in common.

Set your lifetime budget of the maximum amount you would like to spend. Facebook will give you an estimate of how many people are in your audience selection, and how many you are likely to reach with your set budget that looks like this:

  Set your dates. You may also choose to only show your ads in the evenings or perhaps over lunchtime, when people are likely to be scrolling through Facebook.

Finally, the fun part! Create your ad. You could use an existing post or create a new one. You can choose from carousel ads, that show lots of images with captions in a side-scrolling format, a video about your business or simply one image. It is worth noting that videos typically get the best engagement (likes and comments) so if you have one, use it! Then ad a snappy first line to catch the attention of your audience. Use something unique about your business or some good news like a great CQC rating, but make sure your at a first look your ad clearly shows who you are and what you do. You can then use the extra text space to elaborate on your business to give people more information.

When your ad is complete, Facebook may give you options to choose where your ad is shown. Choose these placements based on where you think your audience may be.

ORDER THE AD! Facebook will check and approve your ad and start showing it on your schedule. If you don’t get great result straight away, don’t panic. Using ads is a trial and error process and you may need to try a couple of different types of advert to see what works best for your audience. If you’re not sure what will work, you could run a couple of different ads at the same time to see which one performs best.

Navigating Google Ads

Google search ads can be a little more complicated, however google have great support in place to help you get set up.

It is worth noting that if you have not set up a Google ad before, you should be entitled to a free £75 coupon when you spend £25; that’s £100 of results for just £25 and is a good starting point to begin testing it out.

You can apply at: GOOGLE ADS 

This page also gives you the contact details for a Google Ad specialist to help you set up your first ad.

When you run a search ad, Google will show your business at the top or bottom of the page for the ‘keywords’ or ‘phrases’ you want to appear for, for example ‘local care agency’ local care provider’ ‘home care Birmingham’, and will appear like the below (we searched ‘local care providers’).

Simply give their team a call to get started!

Heading into 2020

Appearing online is an excellent way to get new clients, however our NUMBER 1 tip for taking your business to the next level in 2020 is having a fantastic software to help you run your business. Digitisation has become expected, and can help you automate time-consuming processes, provide instant updates from workers in the field increasing safety and compliance, and improve overall care quality by allowing you to spend time with your clients instead of your paperwork. Without a great software your company could struggle with CQC inspection criteria and get left behind.

If you haven’t yet made the switch, or you think a new software could better suit your needs, contact OnePlan Software on

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