Care Plan software – Why You Need NFC Technology.


What is NFC Technology?

NFC, or Near Field Communication Technology, is a form of wireless data transfer that allows two electronic devices to establish communication when they are within around 4cm of each other. Many smart phones have built in NFC technology and it is also available in the form of handy portable chips. When two devices are brought together the ‘active’ device can collect information from the transmitting device. We use this technology in our care plan software.

How do we use it?

Oneplans Care Plan Software utilises NFC Technology in their call tracking and monitoring. Carers carry an NFC enabled handset whilst clients have a chip in their residence. Carers simply swipe their handset to ‘clock in’ to a call and the handset will register the call start time and location. They can then swipe their handset again to ‘clock out’.

Why is this better than clocking into a care plan software system manually?

Our clients report one of the primary benefits of our Care Plan Software to be peace of mind. The time, date and location reported is accurate and can not be altered, so you can accurately monitor where and when carers attended calls. Our innovative technology will trigger alerts for missed calls, late calls, late warnings (if a carer has left a call late and is likely to be late to their next appointment) and more straight to your administrators so you can manage your staff and clients in real time. Calls can not be clocked out of within a minimum time period, and if a carer forgets to clock out this will be flagged and they will not be able to clock in to their next call without completing their previous call record, reducing the amount of human error causing incomplete records.  Staffs locations are tracked in real time for increased safety.

Is it hard to use?

No! Our straight forward care plan software has been designed to be used by anyone. For managers or administrators our clear system colour codes all calls so it is easy to identify any issues at a glance, and users can use the simple drag and drop system to order information according to their preferences, and even choose between graphs or list views. Our system also sends real time warnings for missed calls/late calls or incidents, and is therefore the simplest way to identify any issues and allow you to manage them appropriately as they occur, increasing safety for both staff and clients.
Carers have access to all the information they need for each call including care plans, MARcharts, next of kin information, religion and more, and they are prompted through each stage of the call to ensure all information is recorded. The system will not allow clock out without all information being completed including the status of medications taken or other important aspects of the care plan. Carers have the option to write notes, complete incident reports or record other important information directly onto the system, giving managers instant access to call information.

Will I need new handsets to use the system?

If your staff currently use their personal phones, the system can be used if their handsets have an NFC chip. However we recommend providing handsets to your staff members for the following reasons:

Care plan software with NFC Technology saves endless time and money for your business and increases the accuracy of your call tracking and monitoring, giving you, your carers, your clients and your families increased peace of mind. You can say goodbye to hours of auditing calls and focus your time on care.

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