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Specialists in the Care Sector using the latest technologies to provide your business with the tools to perform your daily tasks with efficiency and accuracy.

We provide a pro-active and conscientious approach to you and your team with our own Training, Customer service and Technical Support staff.

All our clients are treated as individuals with the same focus on delivering an excellent service to people that deserve respect, care and security in their own homes and we focus on providing your staff with the tools they need to perform most effectively.

We provide you with the Mobile handset which we program fully before we bring to your office and spend time with your staff training them on how to use the handsets at a time convenient to you.

How do our staff use it…

Before each shift starts the Care worker simply logs in to the mobile handset and downloads their Rota

This shows them all their visits for the day along with 7 days in advance, along with a vast amount of client information, removing the need for paperwork to be carried around which assists in Data protection compliance

Features such Care plans, Risk assessment and Medication are all available at the touch of a button, as is sending notes to and from the office and capturing every change on your OnePlan software for compliance and administration. Change of plans and urgent critical updates can be sent to and from your staff at a moments notice

The handset also provides GPS maps to help with staff who are not familiar with the area and captures travel information to and from each location

What Mobile handsets can our staff use…

We recommend using Business Mobile Handsets on our Care package with the Networks

We have many years of experience working with Businesses in the Care sector and understand what is required to keep the monthly cost to a minimum whilst covering Data and Voice essentials

We tailor each package to fit in with how your Business functions and work with you to keep within your budget whilst providing you with a product and service your business deserves and compliance demands

Each handset is pre-programmed for your bespoke requirements and all your contacts are stored ready for your use

What are my options…

Take our MRR service which is a monthly set premium based on your total number of handsets for the same period as your mobile handset Network contract. No contribution charges and repair/replacement programmed handset normally despatched to you within 7 days of receiving your request

Take a Mobile Insurance policy, again a monthly premium but generally at a higher cost and with many exclusions, such as only covering handsets up to 12 months old and charging an excess for each claim you make. Many take up between 14-28 days to process your claim and you must ensure you request the NFC version of your handset for any replacements they offer, then either program them yourselves or forward to our technical team to do this for you at a nominal cost

No cover. If you require a repair or new replacement handset these can be managed by our Technical team for the cost of the item plus the standard repair fee and re-programming if required

How it works…

We provide you with NFC Tags that you place in your Clients’ Care Folders

Each Tag will have a unique ID and be entered in the OnePlan software system

As your Care workers enter and leave the clients property for a visit they simply scan the mobile handset across the Tag which then sends an update to your OnePlan system informing you of these times

This information can be seen on our OnePlan Live Monitoring screen

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