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Staff & Client Rostering With Ease

Keep track of all your calls for the day by using our rota page to view all current services, view calls weeks in advance. You can amend these calls as required by selecting the call needed to be changed, view conflicts or add a single service here too. Here is a small sample of the rotas features....

  • One click to rota all staff & all clients
  • Simple conflict manager
  • Many different views
  • Bulk actions to sort all or one call at a time
  • Colour coded calls for quick glance checking
  • Medication and signatures can be linked to calls
  • Our system also allows you to do on call and shadow rota shifts.
ECM real time monitoring with multiple layouts depending on your style

Other Rota features


Link medication to calls and track when medication is given to your clients. You can then run reports and audit if, when and how medication has been supplied. It even allows staff to sign for the meds

Tasks Lists

You can add tasks to your calls. Each task completed on site is sent straight back to the office for checking and auditing allowing for real time communication between staff.

Family Login

You can grant family their own login to view calls and control just how much information you wish to show them giving family members peace of mind when a call is completed.

NFC Call Monitoring

NFC call monitoring gives you absolute proof of work. With our clocking system we can tell you exactly where the tag was scanned proving staff where on site at that time.

Multiple Views

Some people like lists, others like graphs. No matter your taste OnePlan will allow you to view the rota however you like.

Skill Matching

You can link requirements to clients and then check staff have those requirements making sure the right person attends the call.

Incident Reporting

Dealing with incidents fast is important. Staff can raise incidents right from their mobile devices allowing you to respond quickly.


Our simple and straight forward reports allow you to look at and export call information from client or staff over any date range.

Rota Features That Make The Difference
Information at your finger tips

In a life and death situation its the seconds that count. Our rota system is designed to allow you to respond quickly to any issue and record what you did every step of the way.

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Client focus ECM system means its much harder to miss a call unlike other ECM systems on the market which are staff focused.

Client & Staff Management

Save time by inputting your staff & client details and keeping them in a safe and easy accessible area, with access to service dates, care plans and many other features on one page.

  • Store all personal information securely
  • Address book of important people
  • Link users to areas and filter rotas by area.
  • Save medical & PRN information against user accounts
  • Create template rotas per user
  • Store details of any holidays taken
  • Document store
  • Link authorities & have private clients
  • Add availability of staff
  • Downloadable rotas in case of app outage.
  • Track staff at their current locations

Other Client & Staff features

User Profiles

Each person has their own profile page and from there you can access any single piece of information you have on them from their address to medical information

User Public & Private Notes

OnePlan allows you to write notes on clients or staff that can be seen straight from the phone or only available at the office. These notes can also be exported as and when required.

Care Plans/ Risk Assessments

You can create or upload care and risk assessments. These are viewable straight away form staff devices and as an added bonus they must acknowledge they've seen them.

Medical & PRN

Store and build on medical information for each user, the most important of which can be shown on the mobile devices if extra medication is required on a call.


Check who is available to cover a shift or create the next 4 weeks of availability to allow you to plan for future rotas. The system can then match the right staff to the right calls.


Easily create new permissions for your staff and manage a permission globally in the system to lock out private features and information from the staff that don't need access.

Free Messaging

Text messages are a massive company expense. With our free push messaging you can message staff anywhere and they can message you back saving your company money.


Store requirements for clients and qualifications achieved for staff. These can then be used to skill match clients to staff. With auto expiry features and reminders, you'll never miss a certificate again.

Save Time & Money With ONEPLAN

Time is money. With your ever expanding requests from clients and limited resources you need a system that can free up your time so you can provide better care. ONEPLAN can save you a substantial amount of both time and money giving you that oportunity to grow.

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Invoicing & Payroll At The Click Of A Button

Are invoices taking you a long time? Its our understanding that for a small to medium size company invoicing and payroll can take up to 3 days a week. With OnePlan this will be a thing of the past with these processes now only taking up to half a day at the most.

Our simple interface allows you to assign a funder to a booking type and set your payment options. Once you need to invoice its simply a click of a button. With one little click all your invoices a calculated and assigned to the right funders.

  • One click invoices and payroll
  • Multiple settings for the view of an invoice
  • Include breakdowns
  • Mileage and travel time can be factored into a call
  • Calls can have different rates based on the length of the call and the time of day
  • Staff paid on a salary can also be paid through our system.
  • Overtime pay can be worked out through our timeband system.
ECM real time monitoring with multiple layouts depending on your style

Other features


Funders can be linked to a service. For example you can assign a funder to a list of services like "Evening Calls NHS Funded". From there any calls called Evening Calls NHS Funded will now follow all the rules and settings for that funder

Charge Tariffs

Can be created allowing you to set a default charge for calls. This charge can then be linked to a funder and booking type (service name). So you could link a charge of say £10 per hour to the "Evening Calls NHS Funded" booking type. The system will now know that any calls with the booking type "Evening Calls NHS Funded" are charged at £10 per hour. You can also set the default billing type of the charge allowing you to choose if when charging or paying staff you use actual or scheduled hours to work out the figures.


Allow you to split up charge tariffs by the rate of pay based on the length of the call. Meaning from our current example the charge tariff for the booking type "Evening Calls NHS Funded" is £10 per hour. With the new time band we can say this tariff is only in effect from Monday at 9am to Friday at 5pm after that the cost is now £15 per hour. So from the end of Friday and up to the start of Monday any calls assigned the "Evening Calls NHS Funded" booking type will now charge at a rate of £15 per hour.

Duration Bands

Allow you to split up time bands based on the actual length of the call. So for example our booking "Evening Calls NHS Funded" is charging £10 per hour Monday to Friday but what if the call is actually 30 minutes and you want to charge £7.50? Simply adding a duration band saying 30 minutes calls are charged at £7.50 will allow you to do this. You can add as many duration bands as you like into any time band.

Travel Time

You can build travel time into calls to choose to pay staff or charge clients different rates depending on the travel time settings.


Using our time bands feature you can work out your mileage and pay different rates depending on the time and duration of gaps between calls

Extra Charges

Our system allows you to add extra changes to invoices or extra payments to staff.


Our reports allow you to quickly see calls that have slipped through the net. From there you can fix any issues before you run the invoicing or payroll

Full Feature List

Below you will find a complete and up to date list of features OnePlan currently offers.

Extra Features Required?

If your Business requires any additional functionality specifically for your operational constraints these can be considered although they may be chargeable dependent on the work required to develop and integrate

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