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While working closely with Care Providers, we have learned a thing or two about the care industry. Each member of the support team is fully equipped to help users get the absolute most out of OnePlan software, to assist, when possible, on how to improve and maintain a steady growing business in the care sector

OnePlan Users have the added bonus of accessing our Support Ticketing service. This allows users to send any queries to a OnePlan consultant, to be responded within a timely manner at the users convenience

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OnePlan Questions and Answers

Can the OnePlan App function when no internet is available?

Yes, OnePlan App will store all service data till the handset next receives data or wi-fi access.

Can my staff be Tracked using OnePlan?

OnePlan application will track location every time a service is clocked into or out of, location will also be taken from the handset continuously throughout the day if the location function is switched on

How long does it take to go live with OnePlan?

The process to setup OnePlan is not very time consuming and can be done within a matter of hours, this will depend on the size of the company

Can OnePlan work on any phone?

OnePlan can be downloaded and used by any handset that has access to the Playstore or the Apple App Store

OnePlan has so many features, do I have to use them all?

Not at all, although we encourage and train OnePlan users on all features, OnePlans adaptive nature means users can pick and choose which features they wish to benefit from. This can then be implemented in any given order

Is there anyone at OnePlan I can talk to about the system if I struggle?

Absolutely, when signing up to OnePlan every user will be given their own Account Manager, who would be available for you to contact and discuss OnePlan at your leisure, this would be on top of the given training by a OnePlan Account Manager

I work late at night so I will not be able to call OnePlan, is there anything I can read?

OnePlan contains How to Guides on all features, that can be read online or downloaded

A lot of my clients have family members who want to check up on them, is this possible?

Client login details can be created, so any external user can be given limited access to client details such as service times, medication, care plans & more

My staff get paid different hourly rates based on different clients and other complicated factors, is this a problem for OnePlan?

OnePlan will work with any and all permutations of staff who are paid based on ECM data, and can handle any and all complicated pay structures

I am out of the office a lot, can manage my staff on OnePlan on my phone?

The OnePlan system is completely cloud based and designed to be operated using any sized device from a laptop, to a tablet, right down to the size of a mobile phone

I’m worried that I may have to pay to fix a staff members personal phone if they download OnePlan, is there any alternative to this?

OnePlan can provide mobile handsets to companies for a monthly fee for peace of mind and security