Meet Team OnePlan

Who Are We?

Get to know the dedicated individuals behind OnePlan Software. Each member of team OnePlan bring unique expertise and passion to our mission. From developers to support, meet the people driving innovation and excellence in domiciliary care software.

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Nathan Panther

Client Service Director

Nathan brings a wealth of experience and a strong work ethic to the OnePlan team, honed from his years working in the demanding field of catering. Starting his culinary journey at a young age, Nathan’s dedication and passion for excellence quickly propelled him to the role of head chef by the age of 22. This experience instilled in him a deep commitment to providing outstanding service, a principle that continues to drive his work at OnePlan.Nathan’s transition from the bustling kitchens of the catering industry to the dynamic environment of OnePlan is a testament to his adaptability. If something needs to be reviewed quickly and to a high-level it’s Nathans door we knock on!

When he’s not delivering top-notch service at OnePlan, Nathan enjoys relaxing with his partner, Katie, who is also a valued member of the OnePlan team. Their shared commitment to their work and mutual support underscore the sense of community and collaboration that is central to OnePlan’s success.

In his leisure time, Nathan loves to unwind with a good video game, getting outside and taking long walks, and enjoying a drink in a warm, sunny beer garden.

Nathans culinary background and personal interests make him a unique and valued part of our community… and a firm favourite when he comes to the office with his homemade focaccia!