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Who Are We?

Get to know the dedicated individuals behind OnePlan Software. Each member of team OnePlan bring unique expertise and passion to our mission. From developers to support, meet the people driving innovation and excellence in domiciliary care software.

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Richard (Rick) Townes

Head of Client Relationships
Rick’s journey to OnePlan is anything but conventional, starting his career as a Chef and through sheer determination and hard work, he rose to become a Sales Manager for a national software company. One of his proudest accomplishments was collaborating with Ricky Tomlinson at the Royal Albert Hall to entertain over 300 children—a testament to his ability to blend professionalism with a touch of magic.
Rick’s career is driven by his core values of connection, humour, and knowledge-sharing. He thrives on engaging with people, whether it’s through Training, Sales, or even Stand-up comedy. For Rick, there’s nothing more rewarding than making people laugh and imparting beneficial knowledge at the same time. His enthusiasm for human interaction fuels his passion for his role at OnePlan, where he excels in building relationships and driving sales.
Outside of work, Rick wears many hats: he’s a devoted Father, an Entertainer, a Loyal companion, and a bit of a lovable goofball. He cherishes social gatherings and spending quality time with his Girlfriend. Though he often jokes about needing more sleep, he wouldn’t trade his active, fulfilling life for anything else.
Rick’s unique blend of humour, dedication, and people skills make him an invaluable member of the OnePlan team, constantly bringing energy and positivity to everything he does.