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OnePlan has been consulting with some of our customers to share 10 effective tips to enhance team efficiency in health and social care, to improve productivity and create a sustainable, modern care service.

Review Roles and Responsibilities

Ensure that roles are clearly defined; being a jack of all trades can lead to inefficiency and missed tasks. Review each team member’s responsibilities to identify any overlaps or gaps. This process might reveal that some team members are overloaded while others have capacity, prompting adjustments in workload or the creation of new roles. Additionally, examine workflows and processes to identify areas for improvement or updates.

Train and Develop Your Team

Training is crucial for efficiency. Regularly assess and enhance your team’s skills through face-to-face training, shadowing, and distance learning. Introduce time management tools and productivity apps like Asana or Trello to help your team set priorities and that you can collaboratively work on. Ensure they have the necessary tools and resources, and regularly check in to address any needs.

Conduct Regular Performance Reviews

Set clear, measurable goals for each staff member and review their progress regularly. Performance reviews should focus on growth and development, not just qualifications. Consider non-monetary rewards, such as extra leave or personalised incentives, based on staff feedback.

Question the Necessity of Meetings

Evaluate the necessity of each meeting. If a meeting can be replaced with an email or a quick message, do so. Gather anonymous feedback from staff on the effectiveness of meetings to ensure they are productive and necessary.

Enhance Your Communications

Effective communication is crucial in a fast-paced care environment. Review all communication channels – written, verbal, digital, and handwritten – to ensure clarity and efficiency. Make sure information is easy to understand and actionable, and foster a culture of open, two-way communication.

Reduce Administrative Tasks

Administrative tasks can be burdensome. Look for ways to automate and streamline these tasks using technology and AI solutions. Remove any processes that no longer serve a purpose to free up time for more critical activities that will enhance the care being given.

Implement Digital Care Software

Transition to digital care software to streamline operations and improve efficiency. With the government aiming for 80% of CQC-registered adult social care providers to be digital by 2025. OnePlan can help you stay ahead we are always working in collaboration with our customers looking at ways to utilise the data in the OnePlan care software effectively to continuously evolve and improve your service.

Gather Feedback Through Surveys

Solicit feedback from those you support, their families, and other stakeholders. Ask about their perceptions of your efficiency, responsiveness, and areas for improvement. Use this feedback to make informed adjustments and enhance your service.

Optimise Staffing Levels

Regularly assess your staffing levels to ensure they align with the needs of your service. Overstaffing can be as detrimental as understaffing. OnePlan can help you understand your data, which you can use to predict peak times and adjust shifts accordingly to maintain optimal efficiency.

Promote a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Foster an environment where continuous improvement is encouraged and rewarded. Encourage staff to suggest efficiency improvements and recognise their contributions. Regularly review processes and implement best practices to keep your service modern and efficient.


By implementing these ten strategies, our customers have significantly improved their care services efficiency, productivity, and sustainability. These improvements will lead to better outcomes for those you support, a more motivated and skilled team, and a streamlined, modern care environment that can adapt to future challenges and opportunities. Ultimately, these changes will contribute to a higher standard of care and increased satisfaction among staff and those you care for. If there is anything OnePlan can do to help you with implementing these changes, please get in touch.

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