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OnePlan joins PRSB’s Partnership Scheme to access expert guidance and support to navigate standards in health and care

Ensuring compliance with information record standards is crucial. OnePlan, a leading software supplier in revolutionising domiciliary care services. They recognise this importance and has partnered with PRSB to achieve this goal.

Currently, OnePlan is dedicated to meeting regulatory and information record standards. They tailor their solution to the needs of care professionals and support them in delivering exceptional care.

Standards and interoperability form the foundation of OnePlan’s operations, facilitating seamless communication and data exchange within the care sector. This ultimately is driving efficiency and improving care quality. As part of the Standards Partnership Scheme, OnePlan anticipates gaining valuable insights, resources, and support to adopt information standards effectively.

OnePlan is actively pursuing conformance assessments against specific PRSB standards. Starting with the ‘About Me’ Standard as the initial step in their conformance journey.

Sue Newsome, CEO of OnePlan, commented: “Our collaboration with PRSB marks a pivotal moment for OnePlan and our valued customers. We are fully equipped to navigate the dynamic landscape of our industry, ensuring steadfast compliance, exceptional quality, and a new standard of care excellence. This partnership underscores our commitment to empower care providers and enhance the lives they touch.”

Lorraine Foley, CEO of PRSB, added: “Information record standards play a fundamental role in advancing the digitization of care services. Having system suppliers like OnePlan join our Partnership scheme brings us closer to the sector-wide transformation we aim to achieve. We appreciate their dedication to complying with our standards, and our team eagerly looks forward to providing tailored support to help them achieve their objectives.”

If you’d like to discuss our partnership with PRSB please contact us.

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